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In recent years, not only financial applications but also video games bring the new feeling of burning sensation back to Blockchain technology. These video games which are built and developed in public chains have proved to have great potential. Games on Blockchain are decentralized and transparent as anyone could program and introduce a game without any interference to the game results, plus digital assets in these games are often given out to users/players publicly.

Valuable items in the games are represented as unique tokens and cannot be replaced. The introduction of a wide range of decentralized video games has made it easier to create new NFTs than ever. NFTs are designed as rewards to motivate users to generate digital assets and help these games keep on operating on Blockchain. Play-to-earn is a kind of game that helps users earn profits, or even real-life assets, thanks to NFT gaming in Blockchain. This trend is getting global attention as the economy and other fields have been significantly affected by the pandemic, and users have turned to NFT to make new incomes, or just to entertain themselves.

Piggy Planet

About Piggy Planet

Being developed and operated on Binance Smart Chain, Piggy Planet is a gaming ecosystem containing within itself a decentralized exchange, also known as PiggySwap. Essentially, Piggy Planet allows users to take part in adventurous journeys and battles in the Marvel and DC universes. Combined with the future NFT exchange platform, Piggy Planet is also the place to exchange rewards and characters and/or other cross planets/universes. These digital gaming items are fixed in price or set price through bidding process. Transactions in Piggy Planet and PiggySwap are carried out on the smart contracts of Binance Smart Chain.

Piggy Planet helps users/players to make profits by exchanging and purchasing items and characters in the game. PIGI Token plays an important role as the native token that governs the ecosystem of Piggy Planet and PiggySwap.


It has been anticipated that by 2025, the scope of NFT’s markets could reach $100 billion, hence, Piggy Planet is expected to become one of the most advanced gaming platforms running on Blockchain, consisting of 3 successful role-playing games with the best visual effects and fascinating rewards.

What is PIGGY Token (PIGI)?

Being built and developed on Binance Smart Chain platform, PIGGY token (PIGI) is the native token that governs the ecosystem of Piggy Planet and PiggySwap.

There are many ways for users to collect PIGI Tokens in Piggy Planet, including completing daily tasks; combating with monsters in Adventure mode, fighting with other players in Arena mode; trading and upgrading items and game characters. Tokens can be used to reinvest in new items and characters within the game to generate more tokens.

Basic information

  • Full name: PIGGY Planet
  • Symbol/Ticker: PIGI
  • Decimal: 18
  • Contract: (Pending)
  • Protocol: BEP-20
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 tokens


PIGI Tokens that players possess or earned in Piggy Planet will be circulated in 3 ways:

  • Users can purchase PIGI tokens directly to swap to other tokens, and vice versa on exchanges.
  • Users can purchase PIGI tokens join Piggy Planet and buy items in the game, breed, or upgrade their Fighter Piggies to win rewards; then use the number of tokens earned to swap to other tokens on exchanges.
  • Users can use NFTs earned from Piggy Planet to swap with each other on PiggySwap.

With every transaction, an amount of fee will be distributed to PIGI holders accordingly based on the number of tokens they are possessing at the time. The rest will be put in pool burn to avoid inflation in the ecosystem.

The circulation mechanism of PIGI tokens in Piggy Planet and PiggySwap is illustrated in the following diagram:

Revenue Streams

50% of fees from breeding Piggies and swapping NFT will circle back to PIGI holders. The rest will be burnt to avoid inflation in the ecosystem. The fee from each transaction will include

  • Breeding: 0.01% of total transaction value
  • Swapping NFT: 0.01% of total transaction value

PIGI Price

The current price is $0.00005 per PIGI.

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